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After investing in a robot installation, it is important that you are able to produce without having to suffer any production stoppages. In order to ensure that your production line keeps running smoothly, your robot installation must be serviced on a regular basis. Should an accident occur, it is important that you get in touch with us as soon as possible so that we can quickly get hold of the spare parts you need.


Production needs can change as the needs of the market change. If you need to adapt to new circumstances, we can rebuild your robot system to meet these new criteria. As we build everything ourselves, we can make adaptations so that your robot solution continues to produce at a high level of profitability.


Developing the skills of production staff is equally as important as investing in new machinery. At our training facility, we offer a range of different courses, from basic robot knowledge to advanced programming. If you want, we can also run courses on-site at your premises, using your equipment.

Test welding

We carry out various different types of test welds on customers’ specific workpieces. We can also perform tests using a variety of welding methods and additives on different types of material.


We offer different types of robot programming for your systems (ABB robots). Programming is done in our offline programming tool RobotStudio. The offline-generated program is downloaded to the robot installation and the program is fine tuned on site.

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