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About Andon Robotics

Andon Robotics is a skilled and long-term partner for bespoke solutions within the field of robot handling and welding. Although our history is strongly rooted in robot welding, over the years we have also learned to handle material in the most optimal way possible. Our solutions can handle both mixed short series and high volumes. Robot handling is now an equally strong part of our business as welding, which means that we can offer solutions just for handling.

Andon Robotics Fotograf Andreas Varrio Croped

Our history

Andon Robotics is the embodiment of a robot welding technology that began life within the ESAB Group in 1974. It was then that the first fully electrically-controlled welding robot was delivered to a Swedish customer. The business developed and evolved within ESAB until January 1993, when the entire robot business was acquired by ABB and integrated into their market offering.

Within ESAB and ABB – both world-leading companies – robot activities were split into two branches – products and systems. The road from where it all began during the ESAB era to where we are today, with Andon as part of the Weland Group, has been a long one. Companies come and go, but the business and the knowledge remain. The business goes on And on And on….Andon.